Company Information

WILD.ECO is a company from Richmond BC Canada. The company has corporate status: Dissolved by the corporation (s. 220)on 2021-01-25.


This business was incorporated 4 years ago on 11th June 2018
It was dissolved on 25th January 2021 after trading for 2 years.

WILD.ECO is governed under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act - 2018-06-11. It a company of type: Non-Soliciting.
The date of the company's last Annual Meeting is Not available.
The status of its annual filings are: 2020 -Filed, 2019 -Filed.
This company has had the following names:
  • WILD.ECO - 2018-06-11 to Present
WILD.ECO has between 1 and 10 directors.

Address & Map

8833 Hazelbridge Way #ART-1 Richmond BC V6X 0N3, Canada

Company Officers

Name Address Town Country
Praveen Varshney 1055 West Georgia Street, SUITE 2050 Vancouver BC V6E 3P3 Canada
Daniel Fox 1-8833 hazelbridge way richmond BC V6X 0N3 Canada
Tristan Tanovan-Fox 1-8833 Hazelbridge Way Richmond BC V6X 0N3 Canada

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