Company Information

CommsDogs Inc. is a company from Canada. The company has corporate status: Active.


This business was incorporated 4 years ago on 6th October 2015

CommsDogs Inc. is governed under the Canada Business Corporations Act - 2015-10-06. It a company of type: Not Available.
The date of the company's last Annual Meeting is Not Available.
The status of its annual filings are: 2017 - Not due2016 -Overdue.
This company has had the following names:
  • CommsDogs Inc. - 2015-10-06 to Present
CommsDogs Inc. has between 1 and 3 directors.

Address & Map

161 Citadel Bluff CL NW T3G 5E3, Canada

Company Officers

Name Address Town Country
Vincent Brophy 161 Citadel Bluff CL NW Calgary AB T3G 5E3 Canada

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